1. What do HVAC systems maintain inside a secured data center?
2. What process categorizes information by its sensitivity, access, protection, and regulation?
3. What is the fire class for an electrical fire?
4. What emergency plan should include procedures and guidelines for restoring applications, data, hardware, communications, and making the mission essential IT infrastructure available as soon as possible?
5. A user on your network receives an email advising her to visit a company's website to confirm her name, address, phone number, and account number with the company. What type of social engineering could this email likely be?
6. What network model allows employees to connect and use personal devices on an organization's network?
7. Which of the following concepts is NOT associated with a system with very low downtime?
8. Which RAID technology implements both disk striping and disk mirroring?
9. What guideline describes a network architecture that segments a network into security zones?
10. What TCP/IP Layer 3 protocol is most associated with a Denial-of-Service attack?
11. In what type of cryptographic attack does an attacker attempt to find two data strings that produce the same hash result from a common hash function?
12. What is the general term for software designed to perform damage, destruction, nuisance, and collect personal or private information?
13. In what type of attack does an attacker add an unauthorized device to a wireless network to gain access to a wired network to which a wireless network access point is connected?
14. What term describes an unauthorized network access point inserted into a wireless network?
15. What device is a helpful tool for network administrators for troubleshooting network issues and an attacker's tool for intercepting data packets on a network?
17. What type of HTTP cookie remains on a user's computer between sessions with a specific website?
17. What type of HTTP cookie remains on a user's computer between sessions with a specific website?
18. What must an attacker do to gain the credentialing necessary to navigate inside of a network or system?
19. Which of the following is NOT something a protocol analyzer can assist an administrator in identifying?
20. Of the security system types that you can use to screen system activity for unauthorized events and incidents, which one will identify a potential threat and attempt to block it?
21. An employee's network account permissions and rights are the same as those for all of the other administrative assistants in the company. What is the basis of the assigned permissions?
CompTIA Security+ Certification Prep Part 2
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