1. Which of the following would you set up in a multifunction SOHO router?


2. Which of the following is a private IPv4 address?


3. Which of these hides an entire network of IP addresses?


4. Which of the following statements best describes a static NAT?


5. Which of the following should be placed between the LAN and the Internet?


6. You want to reduce network traffic on a particular network segment to limit the amount of user visibility. Which of the following is the best device to use the amount of user visibility. Which of the following is the best device to use in this scenario


7. You receive complaints about network connectivity being disrupted. You suspect that a user connected both ends of a network cable to two different ports on a switch. What can be done to prevent this?


8. You see a network address in the command-line that is composed of a long string of letters and numbers. What protocol is being used?


9. Which of the following cloud computing services offers easy-to-configure operating systems?


10. Which of the following might be included in Microsoft Security Bulletins?


11. Which of the following devices would most likely have a DMZ interface?


12. Your network uses the subnet mask Which of the following IPv4 addresses are able to communicate with each other? (Select the two best answers.)


13. You are implementing a testing environment for the development team. They use several virtual servers to test their applications. One of these applications requires that the servers communicate with each other. However, to keep this network safe and private, you do not want it to be routable to the firewall.
What is the best method to accomplish this?


14. Your boss (the IT director) wants to move several internally developed software applications to an alternate environment, supported by a third party, in an effort to reduce the footprint of the server room. Which of the following is the IT director proposing?


15. A security analyst wants to ensure that all external traffic is able to access an organization’s front-end servers but also wants to protect access to internal resources. Which network design element is the best option for the security analyst?


16. In your organization’s network you have VoIP phones and PCs connected to the same switch. Which of the following is the best way to logically separate these device types while still allowing traffic between them via an ACL?


17. You ping a hostname on the network and receive a response including the address 2001:4560:0:2001::6A. What type of address is listed within the response?


18. Analyze the following network traffic logs depicting communications between Computer1 and Computer2 on opposite sides of a router. The information was captured by the computer with the IPv4 address
Computer1 Computer2
[]——[INSIDE router OUTSIDE] —–[] LOGS
7:58:36 SRC, DST, SYN
7:58:38 SRC, DST, SYN/ACK
7:58:40 SRC, DST, ACK
Given the information, which of the following can you infer about the network communications?


19. Your organization uses VoIP. Which of the following should be performed to increase the availability of IP telephony by prioritizing traffic


20. You have been tasked with segmenting internal traffic between layer 2 devices on the LAN. Which of the following network design elements would most likely be used?