Standard Ports Required for SharePoint 2019

When deploying a SharePoint server farm environment, consider individual servers that have specific roles. So, depending on the role each server plays, we may have a different firewall rule and these rules are usually created when we install SharePoint. However, there are some standard ports we should keep in mind.

Service TCP Port UDP Port Description
AppFabric Caching Service (Distributed Cache) 22233, 22236 N/A ICMP Type 0 (ping)
People Picker 53, 88, 135, 137–139, 389, 445, 636, 749, 750, 3268, 3269 53, 88, 137–139, 389, 445, 749 N/A
Sandbox Service 32846 N/A This port must be open for outbound connections on all Front-end and Front-end with Distributed Cache servers. This port must be open for inbound connections on Front-end and Front-end with Distributed Cache servers where this service is turned on
Search Crawler Web Application Ports Used (e.g., 80, 443) N/A N/A
Search Index component 16500–16519 (intra-farm only) N/A N/A
Service Applications HTTP binding: TCP 32843
HTTPS binding: TCP 32844
net.tcp binding: TCP 32845 (only if a third party has implemented this option for a service application)
N/A Ports required for communication between SharePoint servers and service applications (the default is HTTP):
SQL Server 1433 (default) 1434 (default) To secure inter-farm communication, we can block the default ports establish custom ports for this communication instead. See Configure SQL Server security for SharePoint Server
WCF Services 808 N/A N/A
User Profile Service 53, 88, 389, 5725, 1025–5000, 49152–65536 53, 88, 389, 464 N/A
SMTP 25 (default), 587 (TLS default) N/A N/A

Reference: Plan security hardening for SharePoint Server


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