Secure your email by using a digital signature


Configuring a digital signature in Outlook

The following steps are performed in Outlook 2016

  • Open Outlook desktop application
  • Click on File menu ⇒ Options
  • From the Outlook Options windows box, click on Trust CenterTrust Center Settings…

  • From the Trust Center dialog box, click on Email Security from left panel.
  • On the right/main panel, select Add digital signature to outgoing messages checkbox.
  • Optional: If you want to verify that your digitally signed message was received unaltered by the intended recipients, select the Request S/MIME receipt for all S/MIME signed messages check box
  • Click Settings button to open the Change Security Settings dialog box

  • (1) Enter a name for the Security Settings Name.
  • (2) Select the Default Security Setting for this cryptographic message format checkbox
  • (3) Select the Default Security Setting for all cryptographic messages checkbox
  • (4) Click on Choose button to select the digital certificate you installed previously

  • Select the certificate then click OK

  • Click OK one more time to confirm the security settings

  • Verify the encrypted email settings. It should be look like as below