SharePoint 2016 Prerequisites fails while installing Windows Server AppFabric


When installing SharePoint Server 2016 on either Windows Server 2016 standard or 2012 R2 Standard. There is a common issue with Windows Server AppFabric. The following is one of the solutions may help you fix the issue. (I tried all solutions from a Technet blog but there is no luck.)

    1. Go to Control Panel and uninstalled AppFabric 1.1.
    2. Then, run the following command again:
      D:\SP16_Sources\prerequisiteinstaller.exe /appFabric:D:\SP16_Pre\WindowsServerAppFabricSetup_x64.exe
    3. Lastly, download the CU 7 for Microsoft AppFabric 1.1 and install it. You run the following PowerShell command to install it as well.
      D:\SP16_Sources\prerequisiteinstaller.exe /KB3092423:D:\SP16_Pre\AppFabric-KB3092423-x64-ENU.exe


  • D:\SP16_Sources\prerequisiteinstaller.exe is the location of preparation tool.
  • D:\SP16_Pre\ is the location of the prerequisites files I downloaded.

After that, you can install the SharePoint prerequisites again by using either preparation tool or PowerShell command line, the installation will be completed successfully.