Install SharePoint Server 2016


Install SharePoint Server 2016 on Server 2016 Standard with SQL Server 2014 SP2

This post is a quick note of step by step when I install a SharePoint 2016 farm for evaluation/development purposes by using “Single server role that uses SQL Server” installation scenario.


This evaluation scenario includes a SharePoint 2016 single-server installation (SharePoint 2016 + SQL 2014 SP2 on Windows Server 2016 Standard), basic installation accounts and an existing domain control.


  1. Make sure you meet the requirement for “Single server role” installation. See Hardware and software requirements for SharePoint Server 2016 at In my case, I use a Hyper-V virtual server with the following configuration.
Installation scenario RAM Processor Hard disk space
Single server role that uses SQL Server 16 GB 64-bit, 4 cores 80 GB for system drive; No need Data drive at installation step
  1. Ensure that you have prepared required accounts with appropriate permissions. For detailed information, see Initial deployment administrative and service accounts in SharePoint Server.

In my case, I use the following accounts.

Account Purpose Requirements
(SQL Server service account)
The service account for:

Domain user account (or a Local System account)
The service account isn’t needed for a successful SharePoint 2016 installation.
(Setup user account)
The Setup user account is used to run the following:

  • Setup
  • SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard
Domain user account.
Member of the Administrators group
SQL Server login
Member of the following SQL Server roles:

  • securityadmin
  • dbcreator
(Server farm account or database access account)
  • Configure and manage the server farm.
  • Act as the application pool identity for the SharePoint Central Administration website.
  • Run the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Workflow Timer Service.
Domain user account.
SQL Server security roles:

  • dbcreator
  • securityadmin
  • db_owner fixed database role for all SharePoint databases in the server farm
sp_service Use as services account for Service Application and Services
  • Domain user account

  1. Ensure the Max degree of parallelism is set to 1.For additional information about max degree of parallelism see, Configure the max degree of parallelism Server Configuration Option and Degree of Parallelism

The following is what I set for the SQL Server I plan to install SharePoint Server 2016.

  1. Installation Sources:
  2. Lastly, a Virtual Server. In my case, I use Windows Server 2016 Standard version with 16 GB RAM and 80 GB with OS drive. I use minimum values as recommended by Microsoft for Single Server with SQL Server MinRole 🙂


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